Jenesis (scar_of_tsume) wrote,

Weird dream..

Man..I had the weirdest dream...
It had something to do with the F4 from Hana Yori Dango..XD
Like..I guess we were on a trip somewhere..
although the place we were at reminded me of my junior high gym XD
And like..
We were all running around...o_O
I was on Tsukasa's back XD and he was running around, back and forth..
But..I think we were all high on something x_X
Because when we all laid down on the floor..o_O I don't remember what happend..
But Tsukasa was very angry with Sojiro and Akira..
Something to do with Tsukushi..Tsukushi was 'drugged' or whatever longer than I was..
But Tsukasa drugged me and Tsukushi at the same time, so...
I guess Sojiro and Akira gave her some more, something XD
When I got up, I was my normal state..not..high or sleepy or whatever it was...
I was sleepy x_X it was weird..
And well, I held Tsukasa's hand and told him not to worry about anything.
And he's all like, "But...I like Tsukushi..>_>"
And I'm all.. "@_@ Well, just because I'm holding your hand doesn't mean anything.."
We both decided to leave..o_O; Kind of leave Tsukushi there...with those two..XD
But eh..
Tsukasa and I left, and went to a restaraunt..
There were plenty of restaraunts to choose from, but Tsukasa was all..
"They're too cheap! What if what they give isn't food at all, huh?!" went to one of the most expensive restaurants..
Our table was snugged in the corner..@_@
And I knew what we went to had to be an expensive restaurant..
Because my Uncle Bob was there, at random XD
He teased me a bit for bringing Tsukasa, but then he introduced us to the person he was with..
I forgot who he was..x_X

Anyway, that's all I remember..
But, up until the 'seeing my Uncle Bob' part, I remember seeing myself.
I didn't look like me..but I knew it was me...x_X I don't know if anyone else gets this..
But I looked kind of like this...

Sorry that it looks..blah >> I'm not a very good artist..And I didn't feel like erasing the guidelines..[slacker]
But anyway, that's what I looked like..with dark brown hair, and dark brown eyes.
It was a cool, yet weird dream..XD;
Yay, the highlight of my week off..@_@
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