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Aaah..what a weekend.
Mom, Darlene [sister] and her daughter [who is my niece, Briana] went to teh mall.
It was fun ^_^
Briana's first day at the mall...
And I was there for and all XD
I always have my camera ready when I see Briana..:D
I bought a Japanese film called Audition, which I have yet to watch..
I asked the guy who works at the mini store thing, and he recommended it..
Along with Ichi The Killer. Or something..
I reeeeally want that one!
Buut..its dubbed ._. Eew. x_X
Oooh and the guy..XD He was so nice!
Annnnd...omfgggggzz...He had a SPIKE SPIEGEL TATTOO!
I was XD
I wanted to take a picture but uhhhh...XD
I didn't want to look weird..
I'm a regular there, the lady that helped me out when I was with Jen the other time recognized me XD
She's trying to get Meteor Garden, Mars and GTO for me.
I hoooope she gets them ._. was madness.
I didn't get any sleep last night..
To put it blunt, I couldn't stop thinking about Sam and Nick ._.
I don't know what to I really that fickle?
Nooo..I'm noooot..those two are the only ones I've ever had strong feelings for..
I tried asking Nick out, and he says he'd think about it.
I don't want to force him :3
He says he doesn't want to hurt me..
This is just..funny..
We both feel the same way. XP
Well, if we don't go out..That's okay. :D
Jackie actually supports Nick and me..which suprised me, and Nick, at first XD
I feel so happy...
But I get confused. that what I want?
I know I have feelings for both of them, but...
...::sigh:: I'm just going to shut up.
I hate me..and my stupid...Stupidness >_<;;;
I just hope I don't become an idiot...Like Tsukushi..@___@ When it comes to love..
She's always been my 'Anime idol' if you will XDD Buut..
That's only because of how she protects her friends, and what she believes in!
..I just hope the other part of her doesn't transfer to me..XD
...ah wtf.
Gaaaaah Gonna stop now, because I sound like an idiot.
..That nervous feeling in my stomach went away though when I told Nick how I felt..
I guess I just needed to let things out ^_^;
Aaah..Yaaaah. G'niiight x_X;

Oooh..and sankyuu, Jackie/Hiro for your help ^_^ Sankyuuuu~!
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