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[24 Apr 2005|10:36pm]
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[16 Apr 2005|03:27pm]
reversable uke

The reversible seme/uke.

Probably the most realistic form of the uke, you
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sometimes you will be the one taken care of.
With a warm protective smile, you can tackle
love from any direction it comes from, although
if you are the uke, it will probably just be
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[21 Mar 2005|11:24pm]
Ugh, someone just, like...PUNCH me, please.kthx<3

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Raaawr [21 Mar 2005|07:40pm]
[ mood | confused ]

Aaah..what a weekend.
Mom, Darlene [sister] and her daughter [who is my niece, Briana] went to teh mall.
It was fun ^_^
Briana's first day at the mall...
And I was there for it...camera and all XD
I always have my camera ready when I see Briana..:D
I bought a Japanese film called Audition, which I have yet to watch..
I asked the guy who works at the mini store thing, and he recommended it..
Along with Ichi The Killer. Or something..
I reeeeally want that one!
Buut..its dubbed ._. Eew. x_X
Oooh and the guy..XD He was so nice!
Annnnd...omfgggggzz...He had a SPIKE SPIEGEL TATTOO!
I was so...wow. XD
I wanted to take a picture but uhhhh...XD
I didn't want to look weird..
I'm a regular there, the lady that helped me out when I was with Jen the other time recognized me XD
She's trying to get Meteor Garden, Mars and GTO for me.
I hoooope she gets them ._.

Aaaah..today was madness.
I didn't get any sleep last night..
To put it blunt, I couldn't stop thinking about Sam and Nick ._.
I don't know what to think...am I really that fickle?
Nooo..I'm noooot..those two are the only ones I've ever had strong feelings for..
I tried asking Nick out, and he says he'd think about it.
I don't want to force him :3
He says he doesn't want to hurt me..
This is just..funny..
We both feel the same way. XP
Well, if we don't go out..That's okay. :D
Jackie actually supports Nick and me..which suprised me, and Nick, at first XD
I feel so happy...
But I get confused.
Acceptance..is that what I want?
I know I have feelings for both of them, but...
...::sigh:: I'm just going to shut up.
I hate me..and my stupid...Stupidness >_<;;;
I just hope I don't become an idiot...Like Tsukushi..@___@ When it comes to love..
She's always been my 'Anime idol' if you will XDD Buut..
That's only because of how she protects her friends, and what she believes in!
..I just hope the other part of her doesn't transfer to me..XD
...ah wtf.
Gaaaaah Gonna stop now, because I sound like an idiot.
..That nervous feeling in my stomach went away though when I told Nick how I felt..
I guess I just needed to let things out ^_^;
Aaah..Yaaaah. G'niiight x_X;

Oooh..and sankyuu, Jackie/Hiro for your help ^_^ Sankyuuuu~!

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[13 Mar 2005|09:35pm]

If you were on a battlefield right now, versus everything...
Lover or a Fighter?
Fight for good or evil?
Battle Cry
Weapon of Choice Bad intentions
Appearance Leather Jacket, running like a madman
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What you fight Undead
You fight.... Slaughter excites you
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Damn right slaughter excites me. :x

I went over Jen's today.
We went to teh mall and I got Suicide Club :D
I still need to finish it...pretty good movie, considering blood and gore usually make me laugh..
But this time, it didn't. Freeeakky.
And Genesis is cool n.n I like his song.
We also got lube SQUEEZEPOP sour watermelon.. o_O Nasty stuff..
XD and cotton candy.
I wanted to get a rainbow belt at Spencers, but they are too big for me. :/
Man what a busy weekend this has been...
Yesterday I went to my aunt's 50th birthday party..meh, boring.
I hate going to family parties..
We never see each other unless its a special event.
Y'know, not just for the hell of it?
My cousins did sleep over.. That was fun I guess.
Friday Sam came over. :D
I was so happy...n.n
At first I felt uncomfortable with her around,
But after watching an episode of Meteor Garden, which was great!,
I felt more comfortable. Hehe, Sam came to my house with PIGTAILS. x3
After she explained to me..
How she felt about me and that,
I kind of realized I felt sort of the same way.
I don't care what anyone says behind my back.. or what they think...
I know I love her.
I thought it all went away,
But seeing her again..touching her..
I fell in love all over again..
I can't believe how stupid I can be..:
Friday night, cried softly while listening to Meteor Garden music I had downloaded.
During my aunt's party,
I cried quietly to myself when everyone was up dancing, and I was by myself.
I thought...Would I dance with her one day like that?..I don't know.

The three most important people in my life...
My best friend, is Jen. :) She can always make me laugh, and I can be as stupid around her as much as I want. XD
My family, Jackie...
I don't care, by blood or not..
She's like a sister to me in so many ways.
I can tell her how I feel with anything, and she feels the same about me.
And my soul mate, Sam.
I know she is...
Because I feel at peace when I'm with her..
I don't care what we're doing..
We could just be laying together..
Or even holding hands..
What I'd give for just that everyday...
...xD I just found one of Sam's hairclips.
..Ah..she left papers here too. x_X
Sam wtf..XD
Just phone numbers and shit..::sniffs paper::
Aah..smells like her ^o^

::whaps self::

>>;;; I'm gonna go now..Oh, Justine said she had a dream I was shot.
XD I laughed. *x*
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[04 Mar 2005|11:35pm]
Yay I went to the mall today, after a nap 'course. XD
When I went, Hot Topic was so fucking crowded, as usual.
Its so annoying..then you have the "OMGZZZ I'M PUNK" kids hanging around outside of the store.
Hot Topic is overrated, but my brother and sister give me gift cards for that store..
So. XD
Plus there's anime and Harry Potter stuff...and Power Rangers!
And other crap too.
While I was there, Justine spotted me.
I was pretty happy to see her..Haven't seen her in so long.
I haven't held someone's hand in so long...Sounds dumb and corny,
But I really haven't in a long time, it felt nice. :P
So I hung around with her and her aunt for a bit, then lefffft.

At Hot Topic, I got:

Prisoner of Azkaban shirt:

Zoom in of the patch on the right:

The back:

I love this shirt...^___^ I got a good deal too. Originally it was $24, I got it for $11.98 ^o^

Toad T-shirt ^_^:

XD I just..LOVE this shirt. Yay, Team Shroom!

The thing from Chobits keychain:

Isn't it cute? Its's from The City with no People, I believe, in Chobits. I wish I could get those books ^_^ Not Chobits..the..books in Chobits. XD

And from WaldenBooks...

Only The Ring Finger Knows:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Maybe I'm just a pervert, but the title reminds me of masturbation. XD
Oh and..it says its a 'yaoi' manga,
So there better be some major buttsex in here I'll be very pissed off.

I wish I brought my camera to the mall..
I could have taken pictures of Justine.
Not that it would matter,
She hates getting her pictures takened.
She can be immature sometimes..
You're basic fickle teenager,
But she's still nice.

I donated to Gaia!
And I got my three Thank You Letters ^_^
Lunar and solar cloak,
and I'm saving the other Thank You letter,
Maybe it'll go higher in price..
and I can get my horns. :o!
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[26 Feb 2005|12:30am]
::sigh:: I feel so annoyed lately...

My mom..
I don't know why she can't comprehend that she can't dress me up like a little doll.
I'm not her little kid anymore.
I'm not saying, "Omgzzz, trat me like an ADULT!"
I'm saying, treat me like a fucking teenager.

I'm gonna fucking shave my head one day...
until there's no hair left.
Like Battle did.
To prove that I'm not her baby anymore,
I can make decisions myself, can't I?
I'm my own person..
I should be able to dress how I want...
I should be able to date who I want...
Tch, she fucking won that one..
I think its funny..
How she'd think me and Nick as a couple is cute [Something I..okay, always wanted to see go a bit further...but yeah, I'll talk about this later.]
Yet, whenever I even mention Sam..
She goes silent.
Heh, that's my fucking mom, for you...

I don't hate my mother, I love her and everything..but god...
I told her I didn't want to dress formal like I had planned for Sam's party...
She said how I looked now made me look raggedy, sloppy, and 'sluppy'.
Who am I to impress anyway?
I like how I dress..
I like the way I am.
I'm not dressing to impress ANYONE.
That's one of the things I respect about myself..
I'm not out there, like all these teens you see today..
CRAVING for attention from the opposite sex, or even for friends.
But I'm not like that up to the point I look like a reck..
Obviously, she thought otherwise.

::sigh:: I didn't even feel comfortable at the party, at first, anyway..
I felt so out of place..
Like I didn't belong..
I wanted to go home.
Until Sarah came.
It made me feel better that she came..but had to go home right away, coz I got a tummy ache.
She, along with Deana and Jackie, are the only ones I can trust fully at school.

agh..I gtg...my mom's yelling at me..
And here I am,
expressing my god damn self..
Its the only time I do, to be honest.

Oh yah
I'm getting a Kyo Sohma cosplay set.
Just the bracelet, the ears, and tail.
I'mma gonna cosplay him, yes.



[Yuck..note to self..Never smile. Again. >>]
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[24 Feb 2005|07:38pm]
::sigh:: This quiz made no sense...::posts anyway::

You scored as Fire. Fire is your predominating element; it rules the signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.












Which of the Five Elements are you?
created with QuizFarm.com
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Weird dream.. [22 Feb 2005|02:35pm]
Man..I had the weirdest dream...
It had something to do with the F4 from Hana Yori Dango..XD
Like..I guess we were on a trip somewhere..
although the place we were at reminded me of my junior high gym XD
And like..
We were all running around...o_O
I was on Tsukasa's back XD and he was running around, back and forth..
But..I think we were all high on something x_X
Because when we all laid down on the floor..o_O I don't remember what happend..
But Tsukasa was very angry with Sojiro and Akira..
Something to do with Tsukushi..Tsukushi was 'drugged' or whatever longer than I was..
But Tsukasa drugged me and Tsukushi at the same time, so...
I guess Sojiro and Akira gave her some more, something XD
When I got up, I was my normal state..not..high or sleepy or whatever it was...
I was sleepy x_X it was weird..
And well, I held Tsukasa's hand and told him not to worry about anything.
And he's all like, "But...I like Tsukushi..>_>"
And I'm all.. "@_@ Well, just because I'm holding your hand doesn't mean anything.."
We both decided to leave..o_O; Kind of weird..to leave Tsukushi there...with those two..XD
But eh..
Tsukasa and I left, and went to a restaraunt..
There were plenty of restaraunts to choose from, but Tsukasa was all..
"They're too cheap! What if what they give isn't food at all, huh?!"
XD..so..We went to one of the most expensive restaurants..
Our table was snugged in the corner..@_@
And I knew what we went to had to be an expensive restaurant..
Because my Uncle Bob was there, at random XD
He teased me a bit for bringing Tsukasa, but then he introduced us to the person he was with..
I forgot who he was..x_X

Anyway, that's all I remember..
But, up until the 'seeing my Uncle Bob' part, I remember seeing myself.
I didn't look like me..but I knew it was me...x_X I don't know if anyone else gets this..
But I looked kind of like this...

Sorry that it looks..blah >> I'm not a very good artist..And I didn't feel like erasing the guidelines..[slacker]
But anyway, that's what I looked like..with dark brown hair, and dark brown eyes.
It was a cool, yet weird dream..XD;
Yay, the highlight of my week off..@_@
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[11 Feb 2005|05:20pm]
Valentine's Day pisses me off.
Only good thing about it is the chocolates.

I haven't been eating a lot lately...
If I'm lucky, I have atleast one meal.
I don't know why...I just don't...feel like eating.
Oh well, huh?
I need to go weigh myself..
Last time I checked, I was 96lbs.
It could have dropped...
Not that I care, heh.
I don't have anorexia or anything.
I just don't feel like eating..
Even if it hurts, I just don't.
I wonder why?
I want to type about my dream, but..
I don't know.
It was basically fucked up.
Really. Fucked up.

I've been getting a little bit comfortable with the kids I met this school year..
I might be able to go to Sam's birthday party.
I hope so..
She seems really nice. ^^

Sure, some of the kids piss me off at times x_X
But what can you do?

Deana's been having a tough time, as well.
I don't think I've ever met someone like her...
She's a bit selfless, wanting everyone to smile and be happy..
She puts her friends' feelings before hers.
Which is pretty damn amazing.
I just wish she wouldn't put a 'happy' act on, though...
But her intentions are good.
Probably the most kindest person I've ever met.
When she asked me about what's wrong,
I know she really wanted an answer..
Not because I wanted to hear her say that, or something, like most people do.
I really need to hang out with her..
Get her into more Jrock ^_^


My neighbor's pretty cool too, Leo.
Uh, that's his last name but..Brian.
o_o Feels weird calling him Brian. XD
He went to an anime convention as Squall :o

Kay, gonna go. Baai.

oh yeah, downloaded some of The Mars Volta. Or..something o_o
I think Sam showed me them before.
I also downloaded I Mother Earth..they're okey.
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[04 Feb 2005|01:10pm]
Shit. Last night was the worst...But I'm glad it happend.
I was talking to Jen on aim, about how I missed Nick.
Really..I don't think anyone's ever made me feel the way I do about him.
I don't want to..agh, just read my last post. XD;
Yeah so..
I began to cry, just a little bit, talking to Jen.
Just a little...
Then when I went to bed, I started crying like mad.
I was like...shaking, and wimpering.
I felt like a stupid kid...
Crying for how confused I was, and still am..
I miss him, I wanna talk to him..
But I don't want to be a burden.
And I think I am..
I don't know how to explain it I just..
I just get really happy when I speak to him.
So happy, I want to hang out, and see him...
But it doesn't work out.
And I cry over it, like a fucking whining kid.
Because all that happiness is just....BOOOM! Gone!
._. I'm just stupid..
It hurts even more because, I know he doesn't feel the same way.
At one point I went downstairs,
mind you this took place at like 11:30 or something at night..
To get some tylenol, because when I cry like that, I always get headaches.
I never cry..
Unless its Gackt. XD
Or something with Sam...but yesss..
My mom asked me what was wrong.
I didn't tell her. >>;
She'd think I have a crush on Nick or something like that.
._. She asked again when she got home from work today..
But I told her not to worry about it.
..Sometime after, I started thinking about Jackie..
How much it hurt to see her in the halls,
Pass her in the halls practically everyday..
And not even say hi.
It hurt me a little..but then it just started feeling even worst..
I thought to myself, after an hour or so xP... 'I should..I should write her a letter!'
So, I took out a pen and some paper..and I just let out all of my thoughts.
At first, I did it to kind of..try to get all the thoughts out of my head..
And onto paper.
Because doing that really helps me.
I wasn't planning on really giving it to her..
Then I thought, after reading it a few more times..
I thought I should.
So..That's what I did this morning.
I was nervous as fuck, but I gave it to her.
XD..I kind of tapped her as I walked with Deana,
And handed her the note.
Jackie laughed xD
And then I patted her on the head, and continued to walk XD;
Ugh, I was so nervous, though.
I'm talking to her now on aim.
I feel better..I'm glad we're communicating again.
I know I did stupid things that had hurt her...
I won't be stupid like that again.
A careless, stupid kid.
I've matured..
I realize that now.
I'm more serious in school, than a silly stupid ass I was in Junior High.
Well, at times. >>
I get annoyed sometimes, when people act all hyper and shit..
XD; Course, I can deal with it..I suppose.
Speaking of maturity..
My poetry has greatly improved.
Kyo, of Dir en grey, you are my insperation.<3333
._. I feel like Eiri-san. XP~~random
Speaking to Jackie again, feels great...
I don't know though, about Nick, though.
I don't..I don't want to get hurt again.
He doesn't hurt me, really..
He's...a great person..
Its just me.
How happy I get when I speak to him.
I'm just...a dumbass. ._.
And my head still hurts like crazy x.x
And my brother's playing crappy music..
Need to rest.

I'm not being dramatic!
So please don't say I am.
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[02 Feb 2005|07:37pm]
Today, Deana was nice enough to tutor me for math. :x I failed last quarter. Great, ne? x_x
Anyway...I wanted to always think about people I haven't talked to in a long time. I want to talk to them again, its just...::sigh:: Its hard to, especially if that had hurt me in some kind of way. e__e;
Here's messages to people who will never get this. Unless they found my journal, or something. o.O

Titi Elsie
Have you always been so mean and cruel? Escpecially towards my father. Why couldn't we go horseback riding? No, why couldn't I have gone with you? You took Gabrielle. Why is it that you give Titi Yolanda's kids so much more attention than you give to me? You always said I was your favorite niece...Is it because of my dad? Did I do something wrong? What did I ever do wrong? You were always my favorite aunt, but I don't know what to think now. I feel neglected and hurt. Left out, too. Bottom line...What made you promise things you couldn't promise? Why spout things that aren't true?

Jackie, my Hiro
Why did our friendship have to go in such a horrible direction? I loved you so much, you were like a sister to me. No, you still are. No one will ever be as great as you were to me. Even if you did treat me like crap at times...I know it was out of affection. I wish you would have stopped being so overprotective. I can take care of myself, I really can...I complain sometimes to myself, how our friendship ended and how we both drifted from each other...But its more like a family thing. Maybe it is, for me, I guess. I'd go over your house...and I felt so...I felt so at home. I felt more at home at your house than I did at my own. I loved it when I couldn't face going home...and you'd say, "You can come over my house." with such care.. and I'd come over..even if my mom was pissed off since she didn't know I was going to your house after school. xD I loved it, the atmosphere..I've never felt like that in anyone else's house. I won't deny, that I miss you, and I want to be friends again. But...obviously you don't want me around, atleast that's what I think. I feel I can't go back, because that's like saying I need you. And I don't want to look pathetic, no matter how true it might be.. ._. Plus, it would look like I'm appologizing..which I can't. Because I really don't think I did anything wrong. I IMed you one time, telling you how I felt...I never got an answer. I'm too much of a wimp to try again. Bottom line...I wish you'd see things through my eyes, even if you're against it.. I miss you.

Ah, Nick..whenever I think of you, I feel so happy. You've always had that effect on me, even when I first met you...You'd say the funniest things, and I couldn't help but smile. Even at times when I feel I can't. I miss you..alot. I really do. I know, if you're reading this..you're thinking: Wtf, if you miss me so much, IM me ho!
XD Well..I..I can't. I don't know what to talk about sometimes...what is there to talk about? Lots of things, maybe. But..I don't know anymore. It feels akward sometimes. Sometimes I feel like I'm in the way...Or maybe. Its just..you make me feel so happy...and...If something turns out wrong, even the smallest things.. I'm..crushed. Like those times...when you said we'd see each other, but we didn't, for whatever reason. ._. I felt so fucking crushed. I know you don't mean to hurt my feelings..I guess things just..turn up? Even so, it effects me so much, too much. I cry. I cried when 'something turned up'. I really did. I guess..I just don't want that to happen again. I don't want to be a burden. I mean, come on...to cry just because I can't see you? I don't know. Maybe I'm just stupid... ._. Bottom line...Never doubt this,I miss you so fucking much. I just don't know how to start...or if I should even approach you again...

You were on of the greatest friends I made at camp. :) I'm glad we met...you're such an interesting, beautiful girl. I'm so sorry that I was so mean to you..even cruel. I don't know what the hell was going on with me..I feel like its all a dream, now. But that doesn't change the fact I was mean. And for that I'm sorry. I really don't know what else to say...I want to talk to you, but we get an akward silence..or I just don't know what to say, because its been a while. Too long ago. Bottom line...You're a great person, never change. I wish I could talk to you, but its been too long.

::sigh:: That's all for now.
..No one's going to read these messages, anyway.
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[29 Jan 2005|04:27pm]
I just watched a dvd of my dad's friend's son. XD wow, that sounds like gossip.
He's a rookie racer. :)
He's pretty good, too.
Awr..and when he won for the first, and second time too, he was like..studdering.
XD awr.
He's gonna be a pro racer, I know it!

My dad wants to see the Aviator..
But I want to see Hide and Seek. ~_O

I got another account on Gaia.XD;
I'm such a loser.
And I made a friend too :D
Weee~Gaia friend who isn't a n00b or an obnoxious oldbie!


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[24 Jan 2005|12:56pm]
Take the quiz: "What Hogwarts Past Character are you?"

Remus Lupin
You are Moony! You love to watch James and Sirius make fools of themselves, but usually, it can only go so far and you'll have to step in and try to resolve the prank. You are the intellegent one, the one everyone runs to when they are sad or need a hug. It doesn't matter what anyone says, you're biggest fear, even bigger than Voldemort hurting people, is rejection. It's sad but you just break down if someone rejects you. That's why you tried to keep your big secret from the other three, but of course it only made your friendship with them stronger.

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[21 Jan 2005|02:36pm]
I went to the doctor's today...She said she might think I'm 'sad'.
Tch, I'm not 'sad'.
Anyone else who thinks I'm 'sad',
Is obviously..and HIGHLY wrong.
I am not 'sad'
Angsty, perhaps...
But I'm not 'sad'.
Not 'sad' at all.
What reason do I have to be sad?
Because almost every human being I've come across turns out to be a self-centered idiot?
No, I'm not sad.
She also said I need more sleep, because I only get 5 hours of sleep..
Okay, so maybe I need some sleep..But I'm not 'sad'.
I got pretty ticked off when she said that.
Gonna go lie down somewhere.
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[18 Jan 2005|10:56pm]
The Dante's Inferno Test has banished you to the Seventh Level of Hell!
Here is how you matched up against all the levels:
Purgatory (Repenting Believers)Very Low
Level 1 - Limbo (Virtuous Non-Believers)Low
Level 2 (Lustful)Very High
Level 3 (Gluttonous)Moderate
Level 4 (Prodigal and Avaricious)Moderate
Level 5 (Wrathful and Gloomy)Very High
Level 6 - The City of Dis (Heretics)Very High
Level 7 (Violent)Extreme
Level 8- the Malebolge (Fraudulent, Malicious, Panderers)High
Level 9 - Cocytus (Treacherous)Low

Take the Dante Inferno Hell Test
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[18 Jan 2005|02:56pm]
And I'mmmma like, wearing it now.
Yes, yes, I am.
Here are pictures I just took.
My camera was dying..so I had to hurry >>;

I look so pissed off x___x
I don't think this hat is an official product.
On the tag, it says 'Fruits Basliet. o_O
But..it says its a FUNimation product on the inside tag...but..it says TOKYO-NAS-Fruba project.

Fruba? o.O; I thought it was furuba? aah its in my info, under communities ::lazy::

Well, whatever. I like it. :3
Just like how I <3 my new icon :D

Agh my throat hurts. Like..reeeally hurts >>
Meeh we're supposed to write memoirs...for creative writing class. ;-; I'm gonna miss that class..
I don't know what I'm going to write, yet.
I did start writing about camp, and how I first met Sam.
But I don't know.. ._.

Yeeah. No one reads this :P whateverr.
I need episode 19 of Fruits Basket..its downloading now >:D
Meeer...my nose is so stuffy..seriously, I feel like I just sniffed pixie stix or something XD

I was thinking of writing about Nick for the memoir..>_< But I dunno about that either.
The whole thing would take place on the computer..x__x and ONE time when it wouldn't be on the compy.

Wee everyone's pissing me offfff
I wanna hang out with Deana sometime. >> I won't be able to see her once creative writing is over.
We're gonna cosplay for I-con!
I'm Tohma, and she's gonna be Ryuichi. :3
We need a Noriko ;___; Noriko is so neglected XD
Meeer ;-;

Ooh yeaah.
For creative writing class, we had to create a holiday.
Guess what I created?

. . .

. . .

. . .

Gackt Day! :D I brought in pictures, my mom's boombox thingy so I could play music...anddd...POCKY! :D I read facts about Gackt too. :3 I got 100 on that, by the way :)

...Man, now I really feel like an Otaku.
Right now, I'm wearing...My Baka Neko hat, which I've been wearing eversince I bought it :3 Saturday, I believe.
My Faye shirt..which people commented that [first time I wore it] Faye has a biiiig cleavage. :3 Yuup, she does.
I carry around my Ryhoo-oki bag, uhhh the cabbit that transforms into a spaceship in Tenchi Muyo!, which I carry around whereever I go.
Yeaah, I feel like a freckin Otaku.
Least I'm not acting like one.
Well, the stereotype of an anime fan.
You know..
Hyper and shit...Pronouncing MAHN-GUH like MAIN-GUH.
Hyperness I don't mind, but jesus.
Pronounce it right people.




p.s: How do you open a ramune? >_>;; I want to drink the one I bought, like..MONNTHS AGOOO!
XD its probably flat.
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[13 Jan 2005|05:33pm]
Ha..I guess no one really gave a shit regarding my FRIENDS ONLY OMGZZZ GASP entry huh? Well, whatever.

I think I'm getting closer to Deana and Melissa at school.
I felt better around them.
Told them how I think I might have MPD..Yaaaah.
I'm also writing letters with Sarah, a girl from my middle school [well for a year and a half, then went to a different school].
I'm glad she's doing better, she has so many friends...
Yeah, Sarah used to get made fun of.
I could have stopped it to..but fuck, peer pressure.
I still hear shit, cept this time I'm not a wimp about it. :)
Sarah's awesome<3

So, I've been watching FRUITS BASKET.
Its so awesome, its getting me back into anime..much more than Wolf's Rain did..:)
So far..I can't really say I have a favorite character.
They're all too cool.
I didn't even NEED to check IMDB
..But I did anyways, just to make sure my theories were correct :3
I feel like a fucking otaku now :x

Ooooh yeah.
I'm going to BOCES next year, maybe.
Thank god<3333

Aaah..at Eva_rating...they think I'm..Shinji?! O_o?! The hell, man.
Just because I have a strong fear for death?
Its not like I'm all..like a wimp, and shit.
=_= I wish people would look pass stuff like that, to see other things too.
Meh whatever X3 Just a stupid rating community.
I joined already..xD But like..
I want to watch the whole thing first.
Then be 'sorted'.
Even though..the tv series doesn't complete the series itself.
Meeh I don't want to go out and buy mangaaaa...::cheap::
Yeah. Anyway..
Made a music video..well, finished it up and spiced it up a bit..
^_^ Needless to say, I love it.
I need to ask Henry ::shudder:: if he can put it on his website :x

I gtg give my dog a bath
Ooh..I'm also learning Japanese.
Ginku wa doko desu ka? [Even though Japanese don't use question marks..:)]
^__^ haha the translation is stupid, maybe one of [the two?] of you can figure it out.
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[08 Jan 2005|10:51pm]
Your Love Life by lpfloatsmyboat
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[08 Jan 2005|08:15pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

I've been getting into jrock [and some jpop] eversince my computer got set up :D

Okaaay. Here's a list, with pictures.

Name: Dir en Grey
Songs downloaded: I have a tonnnn of songs of Dir en Grey. I also have the cd, GAUZE...somewhere >.> I'm so pissed that I can't find it. My favorite by far is Child Prey and Obscure.
-I looove Kyo [in the center of pic, and vocalist of the band]. His lyrics are just...wow. It makes me want to form a band, and play songs like his!..man..my mom would kill me XD
- I saw in an interview [BBC Japanorama]that Kyo doesn't like Marilyn Manson ._. Marilyn Manson's okay..but I wonder why Kyo doesn't like him?
- Kyo is known to lie during interviews. >_< So its hard to know what's true about him.
- The first time I saw dir en grey, was a video clip I d/led when I was, what in 8th grade? It said it was Malice Mizer..but it lied. XD Kyo freaked me out, I thought he was really fucked up and crazy XD

Songs d/led: Nemurenu Koi wa Shinju, Tsuki no Karyuto, Trailer [o_o real name?], Billet, Bara wa utsukushiku chiru [Lady Oscar]
- I like this band so far...The music is great ^^ I just wish I could get more songs v.v ::kicks limewire::
- I don't know much about LAREINE's band members..>.< As well as other music I've d/led...meeeh.

Name: Gazette
Songs d/led: Wakaremichi [From Sam's jrock mix ^^], Zetsu, Madara, Sentimental na Onigokko, jyuunana sai, Doro Darake no Seishun, MAD MARBLE HELL VISION
-I...LOVE...this...band....O_O LOVE. I love their music as much as I love Dir en grey! ;-; I wish I could d/l more...
- I don't know much about the band members yet... ._. But I will soon!

Name: Vidoll
Songs d/ed: I My Ai Mai...>.> ::kicks limewire::
-This was..the ONLY song I can find of Vidoll! >_< If you have any, please send me some!
- I really like what I hear in this one song. I just wish I could get more..

Name: Glay
Songs d/led: Rain, However, Yuuwaku, kuchibiru, Kimi Ga Iru,
-They're alright...>_>;; Not my favorite so far, but their not bad either.
- Agaain..I don't know much about the band or members. ._.

Name: Morning Musume
Songs D/led: Say yeah, Summer Night Town,
- I have other songs not yet finished with d/ling..e.e ::kicks limewire agaaain::
- I Really like this band, the music is cute and it makes me want to sing and dance :D! XD
- I don't know much about the band yet ._.

[Tomiko of Do as Infinity]
Name: Do as Infinity
Songs d/led: Yesterday and Today, Snail, Heart, Standing on the hill, We are, Holiday, GURUGURU,
-I like this band. I find the music very soothing :)
-There are two other members [I think..?]
-They performed Fukai Mori from Inuyasha
- I don't know much about the band yet ~_~

Name: Shonen Knife
Songs d/led: Flying Saucer Attack, Sushi Bar song, Hot Chocolate, I'm a super girl [For CartoonNetwork's Power Puff Girls], Punk Animals,
- I like the songs..They're more like 'fun music'...like Who let the dogs out..you know? Nothing serious or emotional..
- I wish they'd sing in Japanese, unless they do and I just got english songs?
- Limewire kept downloading like...not even 10 seconds of their songs. ._. So the ones I listed are the only full ones I have.

Name: Arai Akino
Songs d/led: Goddess in the Morning, Moonlight Anthem, Quiet Life, In my Dreams,
-Arai Akino's voice is so alluring, and probably the most soothing. ^-^ I love her songs that I have listened to so far.
- Arai Akino's song Voices is the anime Macross Plus's ending theme.
- Her song Hiru no Tsuki and Tsuki no Ie are ending themes for the anime Outlaw Star.
- Looking for pictures of her was a REAL bitch. So hard to find!
- I don't know much about her yet...I want more of her songs *_*

That's all. ^_^ I'm looking for more jrock to listen to. Jpop isn't as bad as I thought it might be :P

Wow..this like..took me forever to make XD; Its now 9:42.

I didn't get to see what the bands looked like until I did this little entry X3
Except for Dir en Grey because of the mistaken download XD and Morning Musume..due to Sam's obsessing over them a long time ago x3

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